Junior LaCrosse & Sumtin Sneaky

About Junior & Sumtin Sneaky:

Junior LaCrosse is a self taught musician who started playing music at the age of fourteen.  He started out playing in a small hometown bar and eventually made  a name for himself.  Junior is the lead singer of the band and also plays the keyboard.  He has written and composed numerous original songs.  Junior has released five CD's and is currently working on his sixth one.

     Blake Werner is the guitar player and a back-up vocalist of the band.  He has been with the band for the past two years. 


     Felix Werner is also a keyboard player and back-up vocalist of the band.  He has been with the band for the past year.

Kirby Breaux is the Band Drummer.


The band has been playing at venues such as; Boomtown Casino, Silver Slipper Casino, and the Treasure Chest Casino.  Junior and the band Sumtin Sneaky also plays at numerous nightclubs, parties, festivals, weddings, cruises and private events across Southern Louisiana and Mississippi.   The band is well known and plays four to five nights a week covering songs from the fifties to today's top forty hits.  The band also plays original songs written by Junior LaCrosse himself.  Junior and Sumtin Sneaky has a way of entertaining and pleasing crowds of all ages.  So if you are looking to put a smile on your face and have a good time, a Junior and Sumtin Sneaky show is a must see!